Business Area


Air transport


Our air transport department is establishing strong Global Network and its own FMS(Freight Management System) to deliver air export/import cargo in time and safely. We provide competitive rate for major areas through close ties with world-class airlines. With our abundant transport experience and stable, new system, we will provide satisfying service to meet various customer needs in today's rapidly-changing world market.

Air export

  • Securing competitive air RATE
  • Fast and precise Door to Door service

Air import

  • Incheon Airport WAREHOUSING service
  • One-stop service including customs clearance,
    storage, quarantine and transportation

Air transport process(Export / Import)

  1. Factory
  2. Packing
    and transporting
  3. Customs
  4. Departing
    from airport
    • Trucking information
    • Airline business
  5. Arriving
    at airport
  6. Customs
  7. Transport
  8. Buyer

Range of services

In competition of time and space cost in today's rapidly changing world market for air export/import cargo,
we provide satisfying Door to Door service based on wide service experience to meet customers' various needs.

In-time transport service

With diverse Route services and strategic partnership with major airlines, transport cargo before deadline.

Special Cargo Handling

Live animals, perishable cargo, medicine and food items are handled safely under IATA regulations.
Personnel with professional training is exclusively responsible for handling dangerous goods and provide professional service.

Chartered flight service

Chartered flight for special cargo through strategic partnership

Door to Door service

Using global network, we offer integrated services including packing, transport and customs clearance to final destination.

Successful case

    • POSCO ICT ground Door chartered flight
    • Weight : 100 TON
    • Hyundai Engineering
    • Gas contruction project
    • UZBEKISTAN UGCC(2 years)
    • Hyundai corporation Kazakhstan
    • Project-subway Door
    • Weight : 40 TON
    • Hyundai Engineering and Construction SEA & AIR project - ANDIJAN
    • – ANDIJAN
    • Weight : 50 TON
    • Transport by chartered flight
    • Weight : 100 TON
    • Kazakhstan Tengiz field development TCO project
    • TCO project
    • Weight : 80 TON
    • US ARMY - CAMP
    • Weight : 50 TON
    • LG Chemical
    • VOLVO GENT Car Battery
    • (Dangerous cargo) Project
    • Weight : 180 TON
    • BMW Germany factory equipment(die&mold)
    • Weight : 80 TON