Business Area


Inland/logistics consulting service


Taewoong Logistics provide door-to-door service from general cargo to container, bulk, heavy weight and project cargo. We can also provide customized inland transport service through close partnership with overseas branches and local logistics partners.

Taewoong Logistics thoroughly checks every process from customs clearance, insurance, loading
and unloading to warehousing to minimize the time and cost.

Turkmenistan customs clearance

We have abundant experience handling Hyundai Engineering's Tone Project(Turkmenistan) for 3 years and throughly check all processes from before shipping to after customs clearance to minimize time and cost.

  1. Before shipment
  2. Iran and Sarakhs
  3. Arrival
  4. Customs clearance
Gathering and
sending customs
clearance related
Correcting documents
Duty & Fee payment
Declaration issued
Customs Broker
Checking documents
Correcting documents
Customs clearance
in progress/complete
Customs clearance
  • Preparation before cargo arrives at Turkmenistan
  • Preparation for when cargo arrives at jobsite
  • CMR(convention relative to international transport contract of goods by road)
    paperwork Check
  • Translating customs clearance paperwork in Russian Check
    (customs clearance agency)
  • Writing Guarantee Letter Check (G/L)
  • Preparation for Customs Inspection
  • Writing ACT(customs clearance agency)
  • Application for Gost(TDS) Check
  • Customs Declarations

Specific Job

Customs clearance progress Check
& Reporting

  • Checking progress and providing information of customs clearance per process
  • Thorough monitoring/supervising cargo customs clearance in ACT
    (There will be penalties if you miss the deadline, which is called 'Karar'.)

Quick customs clearance

  • Systematic customs clearance paperwork management
  • Examining customs clearance paperwork by Checklist
    (same item different price, weight, discrepancy, discrepancy with ACT)
  • Sharing similar customs clearance experience with local companies

Customs clearance paperwork management
(gathering, monitoring, assisting to obtain required paperwork)

  • Per-Declaration
  • Invoice & Packing List
  • CMR
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Customs ACT
  • Customs Specs
    (Cession Contact)
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Import license or Authorization
    (if necessary)
  • Other Certificates
    (food, health, transshipment)
  • Birja Certificates

Customs clearance in Uzbekistan

IMPORT 70 REGIME Procedure for entering the first bonded area for import
IMPORT 40 REGIME General Import
(normal duty, surtax charged)
IMPORT 42 REGIME Customs clearance for goods to be re-exported
IMPORT 74 REGIME Procedure for warehousing outside of bonded area
EXPORT 10 REGIME General export
RE EXPORT 11 REGIME Export for goods to be re-exported
PHYTOSANITARY Sanitary certificate
(plant life)
VETERINARY Veterinary certificate
(livestock, fish)
SANITARY-HYGIENIC Sanitary certificate
(products that affects skin/body)
QUARANTINE Quarantine certificate
ECLOGICAL Environment certificate
OZONE Environment certificate
ORIGIN Certificate of origin
(need to pay twice as much duty if missing)
GOST(CONFORMITY) Product's quality, safety and suitability

Customs clearance status for project cargo

  • 2012 Uzbekistan UGCC Project
    • Developing gas field and constructing petrochemistry plant (Surgil near the Aral Sea)
      Construction cost: $4 billion
    • EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)
      • - Hyundai Engineering, Samsung Engineering, GS E&C
        Client: Uz - Kor Gas Chemical LLC
  • 2010 Turkmenistan Tone Project
    • Desulfurization equipment project (Turkmenistan Yoloten)
      Construction cost: $1.48 billion
    • EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction)
      • - Hyundai Engineering
        Client: national gas company of Turkmenistan, Türkmengaz