Business Area


Multimodal tranport


By organizing a specialized team for Multimodal transport(railway, sea, inland, warehouse, customs clearance professionals) provide high-quality door-to-door service based on SCM.

Range of services

Rail transport

We are the first Korean freight forwarder to start Covered wagon transport. We provide professional, stable service based on years of experience on handling project cargo in CIS region and solid partnership with local major railway companies.

International truck transport

Based on our global network, we provide available trucks promptly and use real-time tracing to manage transport swiftly and precisely. We offer optimum transport soltion for safe cargo transport.

Triangle trading shipment

Through stretagic partnership with major shipping companies, we secure freight space stably and offer competitive long-term freight rate.

Operating overseas logistics hub

We design and operate transport route and logistics base specialized for customers' business. Our skilled personnel provide one-stop service ranging from stock/packing/order management, loading & unloading and trucking arrangement to customs clearance service, with internal manual to solve problems immediately if any occurs.

Customized integrated transport system for customers

From the shipment of the product to the final buyers, we provide optimum logistics model and develop/apply customized logistics IT system to provide more precise and efficient one-stop service.

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