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Having established a complete transport system that ensures door-to-door service, we are performing the role of a bridge for domestic and international transport of commodities.
We continue to work hard to create new value in meeting customer needs including ordinary cargo transport, container transport, bulk and heavy-weight cargo, and relocation of plants. We will reward our customers through endless efforts that realize customer value.

As a company specialized in international sea transport, Taewoong logistics provides various types of delivery such as FCL/LCL cargo and RO/RO (Roll-on/Roll-off), LO/LO (Lift-on/Lift-off), and long-length cargo.
While the most reasonable rates set by experienced specialists contribute to cut-down on customer's logistics costs, a close cooperation by our overseas branches and global partners provide prompt and accurate transport services.

To provide prompt, safe, and accurate air transport services for import and export cargo, we have created a powerful global network and our own FMS(Freight Management System) and secure price competitiveness for key locations through close ties with airliners.
Dealing with the competition over time, space, and costs in the rapidly changing world market, we will provide satisfactory door-to-door services in meeting various customer needs based on our ample experience in logistics services.