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Taewoong logistics has their own global network covering domestic and international locations (including 16 overseas branches) to provide a total solution for cargo owners.
If shippers use third-party logistics, it can not only cut down on direct logistics costs, but also concentrate on core essential capabilities such as production and marketing ;thus, it has the advantage of lightening the burden of keeping logistics related assets.
Especially with the unlimited competition forced by globalized operation in world economy, we are witnessing increasing needs from business that wants stable logistics services through specialized logistics suppliers. Instead of serving as a contractor for a certain logistics sector.
Taewoong logistics will be a successful logistics partner for our customer's Global localization strategy.

Scope of Service

TGL, based on metropolitan logistics center, provides warehouse & distribution services for customer products

Service Advantage

1. Bonded Warehouse
2. 1C1B (1Contact 1 Bill)
 A Customer can contact only TGL who will coordinate all of
 supply chain events
3. Prompt Error Report
4. Muti-Stop Trucking